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The Flaming Sword

The inspiration for the writing of the book: The Flaming Sword came from deep meditation upon the Word of God. The Lord Spoke to me and told me to go round buying Bibles – especially old ones and different types and editions. Then I came across this huge Bible referred to in the first chapter of the book: A Case For The Word Of God: Gateway To True Freedom. What struck me was the fact that men had obeyed God’s Word to them and His Leading of them to perform certain tasks like writing the Holy Scriptures and translating the same Holy Scriptures. Just like Noah received instructions to build the Ark and such. Another thing that struck me was that many people encounter God in life and die without acknowledging or witnessing to that fact.

A particular man that I read about in one of the testimonies was not prepared to die without witnessing to the facts of what God had done in his life. That was it. I was caught. God had gotten a good grip on me. I realised that my line of thinking was not my own and that the Lord was actually Speaking to me again. I had been walking very closely with the Lord for several years before this particular encounter. He had Spoken to me that He would use me to speak to the world. I had so many visions and encounters with God’s Word previously and in fact to date. I had to pour out my heart. I had to speak to the world of some things the Lord had been speaking to me about. That was how I started handwriting the book. I wrote the book on my knees mostly in a praying position over a total of about two weeks almost non-stop. I couldn’t stop till it was finished.


I wrote this book in 2004 after a life-threatening illness. I realise that God spared my life for a reason and I couldn’t afford to die with the Word Living in me. I had to share it with the world and quickly. It has interestingly taken about six years for the book to be published. God’s Timing is the best. I am fully satisfied that eventually the book got published. I give all the praise and glory to God Almighty in Jesus’ Christ. The Flaming Sword is the only sword that can actually separate bone from marrow. It is sharper than any normal double edged sword. It is the Word of God. When the Lord Speaks, He means business. Dishonour His Word at your own peril. But obey the Word of God and be blessed. For with God, there are blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. The Lord has spoken His Word to me and through me and I have delivered to the best of my ability. The rest is for you my reader. May God enable you and bless you to get the best from the book. It is for you. I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

It is my hope that you, my reader, would read the book in an attitude of reverence and prayer and meditate upon the words written. I believe that the book will benefit you. Of course, like any endeavour in life, the tendency is to get from it as much as you put into it. So therefore, to get the best of the book you must apply yourself to it in terms of commitment. Even if you have no faith at all, just decide that you are going to learn something new and that you will not read the book in vain and you will be blessed in Jesus’ Name.



The Daily Sword

The first book, “The Flaming Sword,” was not so much of a daily devotional at all; but worth exploring as well, if not before this devotional! In my ministry, counselling with so many people, I found that people need the Word of God simply broken down in simple reading, as many just read the Bible without really understanding what they are reading!

Folayan Osekita, a servant prophet and evangelist of the Living God, has done this so well; and all the reader needs is to take the time and trouble to commit to daily reading and studying of the devotional – and they would surely be very blessed in Jesus’ name!